Re: desktop font + PATCH for 82565

On Tue, 28 May 2002, Frank Worsley wrote:

> > ahh i see. ok list view and icon view fonts use the gtk system font. the
> > desktop font uses the "file manager font" but that string was fixed to
> > be "Desktop font." So you need to pretty much upgrade everything to cvs.
> > 
> Just as this was fixed I started working on the attached patch that
> makes Nautilus use the "File manager font" for all the views. I think we
> should revert that string change and use this patch instead. It makes
> way more sense to let the file manager use a different font for all
> views, not only the desktop view.
> If the patch will be used I can clean it up. Major issue with it right
> now is that I can't get the treeview (for the list view) to use a
> different font after it is shown. Any ideas? I tried to destroy and
> re-show it but that just gives me a blank window. This is needed so that
> the dynamic update after a GConf notify works. 
> Patch is attached.

Dude. We just changed from this to the current model. Please read the 

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