Re: Bookmark files mime types

This patch breaks the string freeze (it adds new strings). You should also
ask for permission from the mighty GNOME2 release team.
If this change is allowed, please also notify translators at
gnome-i18n gnome org after the change has been made in cvs.


On 28 May 2002, Ricardo Fernández Pascual wrote:
> (I already sent this to gnome-vfs ximian com two weeks ago, but it has
> been ignored)
>         Can I commit this patch to gnome-mime-data? It adds the mime
> types of Galeon XBEL bookmarks files and netscape/mozilla bookmarks
> files. I need it for opening those file in galeon (easily).
>         The patch is probably wrong, because I know nearly nothing about
> mime. Specially, I don't know if the mime type names are correct.
> Thanks,
> Ricardo

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