Re: Patch for 78542 - change thumbnails to use a thread

On Wed, 2002-05-22 at 18:21, Jens Askengren wrote:
> ons 2002-05-22 klockan 23.09 skrev Damon Chaplin:
> > I've changed the code to add a timeout before running convert which
> > will kill it if it doesn't exit in a reasonable time (currently 10
> > seconds, though I think maybe 1 or 2 minutes is better.)
> > I've tested this with a dummy 'convert' script that just sleeps, and it
> > works fine.
> Please make the timeout short. I chmod -x convert last week because it
> hangs to often (on .xcf.gz if I remember correctly).

Oh dear. I only thought killing it would be a last resort.
I hope convert doesn't spawn any children, as we may not be killing them
at present.

I increased the timeout to 1 minute when I committed the patch.
There may be delays due to the file being on nfs or a very slow device,
so I'm not sure what the ideal timeout is.

> Btw, thumbnails in ~/.nautilus/thumbnails seems to be keep even if the
> source directory does not exists any longer...

Yes, I think they stay around forever at present.
Maybe they should be cleaned up occasionally.

Though you may not want to delete them immediately, as it may be useful
to keep thumbnails for files on CDROMs.


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