Line breaks in notes sidebar

Hey all,
Sorry if this is a duplicate post, I checked the archives for a couple
of months back and could find the same issue.

For quite some time I've been trying to use the notes sidebar in
Nautilus to keep lyrics, album information etc. on my MP3 collection. 
The big problem is that the notes don't retain newlines between nautilus
sessions.  I'm sure someone must have noticed this already, and perhaps
it is the intended behaviour, but I'll go on anyway :)

For example, I can cut out and past the lyrics to a song into the notes,
leave the directory and come back and everything still looks fine. 
Close Nautilus and come back to the same directory, and all the newlines
are gone and the whole thing is in a big word-wrapped mess.

I noticed that there is a psudo urlencoding in the metadata files to
handle special characters in the notes, but when I tried to manually
insert the urlencode data for newlines into the metadata file, it was
just shown rather than interpreted.

Anyway, this is pretty much the only bug in Nautilus that daily
frustrates me and being a programmer I might even tackle it, assuming it
isn't already being / been fixed somewhere else.

(sorry about the long post, I'm feeling wordy today)

End of Rant.

Jimmy's World (

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