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I just noticed that we have inadvertently broken Nautilus-1 support
for Gnumeric.

The gnome-2 version of Gnumeric has a Bonobo control, but the gnome-1
version doesn't.

Exhilirated over the new control, we registered 
for application/gnumeric in gnome-vfs.keys in gnome-mime-data.

Bad idea.

gnome-mime-data is shared between gnome-1 and gnome-2, so if I click a
gnumeric spreadsheet in Nautilus 1, I get 'Nautilus has no viewer
capable of displaying "/home/jk/timeliste.gnumeric"'.

What can we do instead?

We want to express the fact that there is a gnome-2 control capable of
displaying gnumeric spreadsheets, but none for gnome-1.

For the gnome-1 case, we want Nautilus to fall back to using the

Any suggestions?

What we want to happen is this:

bonobo-2 client (e.g. Nautilus) with gnome-2 Gnumeric installed:
   Use control.

All other combinations:
   Use application.


Jon Kåre
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