Re: toolbar issues


In respect to nautilus themable toolbars, I think having them in
nautilus sets a real bad precedent for gnome apps. First the hig very
clearly states that all apps should use stock icons. Nautilus being
perhaps the central gnome app blatantly disregards this. Why should
other apps follow the hig if nautilus doesn't? 


On Mon, 2002-05-20 at 22:40, Alex Larsson wrote:
> We already removed all customly themed toolbars from Nautilus. Darin 
> didn't want to remove the feature completely. I don't care much, so i 
> defer to Darins decision.
> I personally think text on toolbars is crack. Especially on only some of 
> the items. If the user enables crack perhaps we should give it to him 
> though.

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