Re: The closing of old search bugs

On 13 May 2002, Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller wrote:

> Hi people,
> I was at work all this weekend and had some time to spare while some
> large database jobs where rolling. I decided to try and make something
> usefull of my time so I started going through all the reports marked as
> old in Nautilus bugzilla. There was a lot of old bugs which where
> connected to the search functionality which is currently gone.
> Thinking I was going to do us all a favour and make Nautilus bugzilla
> more handleable I started closing most of those bugs as invalid due to
> medusa being practically unmaintained. 
> I talked to Louie today and he pointed out that it might not have been
> such a good idea what I did, and in any case that it was not my decision
> to make.
> So I am writing this mail to ask you if I should re-open those bug
> reports I closed again and apologize for going over the line.

At the moment nobody is workin on it. But rebecca is rumored to work some 
on medusa still, so eventually we may want to make it work again. Then it 
would be nice to have the bugs there.

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