Re: PATCH: [Bug 75143] delete trash dialog title should say "empty trash contents?"

I think it does since what you are saying is "Empty the contents of the
trash?" which alternatively can be expressed as "Empty trash contents?." Might
want to ask calum though, maybe there is even a better statement we can use. I
think "delete trash contents" is bad though since it sort of destroys the
metaphor of a trash can. Actually now that i think of it maybe it should just
be "Empty Trash?"


Alex Larsson <alexl redhat com> said:

> On Mon, 13 May 2002 bordoley msu edu wrote:
> > Bug 75143 has a last minute ui fix that changes the empty trash dialog title
> > to "empty trash contents?".
> > 
> > Just thought I would let everyone know, with the ui freeze tommorrow.
> I'm not a native english speaker, but does really "Empty trash contents" 
> make sense? You're not emptying the contents, you're emptying the trash 
> can.

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