Re: [PATCH] Make list view update when defaults change

Havoc Pennington wrote:

> It makes more sense to me to have a "font" capplet with 3 or 4 font
> pickers (application font, desktop font, title font) than to have a
> "font" capplet with one option menu, then other fonts scattered in
> other capplets, with "use same font as other applications"
> checkbuttons above their font pickers.

I quite agree; the underlying point is that most apps shouldn't need
their own font pickers at all, and hence no "use same font as other
applications" checkboxes.  In general, most apps should be able to make
do with sizes relative to the system font, and perhaps a couple of
different weights of the system font for emphasis.  (This is an
idealised view, of course; ultimately I guess there will always be
people who want some apps on their desktop to use a different font for
no apparent reason!  And there will always be apps that need to use
special fonts in some situations.)

I understand now that this is actually what the change to Nautilus is
heading towards... when I read it on Friday night (after a long day!) I
thought the Desktop Font option was actually staying within Nautilus
while the others were ripped out.  But if Nautilus is now reading all
its font options from the Desktop Preferences->Font dialog then I'm

I still think it would be good to have one of those little 'link/unlink'
boxes like you get in GIMP to make them both the same if you wanted to,
though  :)


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