Re: [PATCH] Make list view update when defaults change

Alex Larsson wrote:

> But it's doesn't work unless you go into every dialog and pick "use system
> font" first. How is this different from configuring the different fonts in
> the same dialog.

That's just a legacy of poor design, though, really-- or, more fairly,
designing before anybody really thought about accessibility on the GNOME
desktop.  You don't have to go round doing things like that on Windows,
for example.  You pick one theme in one place to get your basic high
contrast/big font everywhere on the desktop.  If you still need to make
your fonts bigger, you can go into the control center and use the single
"make all my fonts bigger" control, and hey presto, all the fonts in
your well-behaved applications are bigger.

In the particular case of Nautilus desktop fonts, the people who need
big fonts are probably the least likely to be using any desktop
wallpaper or unusual background colours.  So my guess would be that the
factors that would make other users want to control that font separately
don't really apply to the big font users anyway, and that in most cases
they really will just want it to follow the gtk theme.  I may be wrong,


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