Re: Remove font preferences from Nautilus


I think it would be better to have nautilus by default use Gtk fonts
setting by default, and then have way for users to costumize fonts
setting for any particular location.  Logically this makes since because
nautilus is filemanager ie Properties/preferences in nautilus should
deal with mostly locations on a filesystem you know background, font (
color, size ), views ( icon, list...etc ), ..

Any kind global settings/preferences for nautilus should go in the
default global settings/preferences location

Global settings:
        *Default views
        *Font settings
            Whatever happened to background & emblems settings
            This great feature in nautilus that was never completed.
            Completion == adding new patterns/background by   
            drag/drop'ing pics from folder location to  
            background/emblems properties window the current way of 
            doing it is not good enough 
        Windows properties opening and closing....
        Desktop location & trash stuff
        *Mouse clicks behavior ( covers a lot of stuff )
"*" == local settings takes precedence if it is set.

Local settings:
      font settings ( type, size, color ).
      mouse clicks behavior ( and yes that is important!! )
      sorting order
      ** Post 2.0 stuff ** 
      Smart grouping by file types/emblems in abstract folders. Have
nautilus arrange/group certain file types/emblems to abstract folders
first.  Behavior of opening should be simple: to particular sets file
types ( say MP3, ogg files ) can should able to change the default view
to custom views.
      Example nautilus would group all to MP3/OGG to abstract folder by
that name.  Further down nautilus default view for these file types
would kick in.  That view should also provide the following
ordering/grouping to abstract folders
         MP3/OGG ordering and grouping: artists, albums, genre, <any
else that makes sences>, none.
         CD view: I think KDE has the right idea there...and yes they do
have some good ideas!!

         For media files especially especially nautilus could even have
simple API for burning stuff based on ordering of files i.e. have Burn
button on side panel like open with mozilla..etc or somewhere else.
         API ==  TYPE of CD (vcd, svcd etc..), list of files, structure
of cd; if this is regular abstract folders should imported like they
were normal folders.
         Behavior click on burn a simple gui come up. user choose
available CD TYPE ( ISO, VCD, SVCD, MUSIC ), Plus simple quality bar
settings ( low to high ) for conversions of files ( WAVE <-> MP3/OGG,
avi/divx -> mpeg/mpeg2 VCD/SVCD stuff ( this can be a little more
complicated since avi/divx can contain different codecs for audio ) hey 
the user does not have to know all that stuff. Click on burn.
    Progress window pops up   
    ** I have been thinking about a simple interface for burning stuff.
       I believe nautilus can provide that in a nice simple way.

>On Sat, 2002-05-11 at 10:33, Alex Larsson wrote:
> On 11 May 2002, Pier Luigi Fiorini wrote:
> > Hello guys. 
> > 
> > In GNOME 2.0 Control Center there's a "Font" capplet that makes easy
> > comfortable, for the users, change widget and desktop fonts. 
> > 
> > But in Nautilus you can find 3 font preferences (relative to
> > desktop/sidebar, icon view and list view). 
> > I think for usability this is bad, so I filled this bug in bugzilla:
> >
> > 
> > I made 2 patches (one for Nautilus and one for the font capplet). 
> > 
> > The Nautilus patch removes font preferences from Nautilus and makes
> > view, list view and music view fonts match to the desktop fonts
> > the gconf key /desktop/gnome/interface/desktop_font_name 
> > The old /apps/nautilus/preferences/default_font_size gconf key is
> > obsolete now, because I used the pango_font_description_* API to
> > retrieve the font size defined in
> > /desktop/gnome/interface/desktop_font_name 
> > 
> > The font capplet patch remove the
> > /apps/nautilus/preferences/default_font_size gconf key and change
> > desktop font key to /desktop/gnome/interface/desktop_font_name 
> This is wrong, as discussed earlier. I'm working on a patch that makes
> desktop font set the desktop font and the rest of the Nautilus fonts 
> follow the standard Gtk+ fonts. It's more work then i guessed to make
> handle font changes, but it should be going in today.
> / Alex
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