Re: Remove font preferences from Nautilus

> The Nautilus patch removes font preferences from Nautilus and makes icon
> view, list view and music view fonts match to the desktop fonts using
> the gconf key /desktop/gnome/interface/desktop_font_name 
> The old /apps/nautilus/preferences/default_font_size gconf key is
> obsolete now, because I used the pango_font_description_* API to
> retrieve the font size defined in
> /desktop/gnome/interface/desktop_font_name 
After more testing, I seen that list view doesn't use the desktop font.
I've fixed a bug in music view that I made, in set_up_treeview() I
multiplied the font size for PANGO_SCALE but it's not needed.
I not understood PANGO_SCALE stuff, but now I understand. :-P

But I've a problem: for list and music views in foobar_init() functions
I called the eel_preferences_add_callback_while_alive() for
The callback function change the tree view font with
gtk_widget_modify_font(), but I don't known how the font can be changed
for the text cell renderers.
If there's no solution, I'll remove this code.

I hope my patch is integrated in Nautilus for 2.0, but we have a
Anyway the code is already here for post 2.0!

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