Re: New Nautilus website and Theme tutorial available on-line

Just thought i'd mention that the toolbar image you have in step 7 of
the document uses the old nautilus layout. The new layout is HIG


On Fri, 2002-05-10 at 16:25, Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller wrote:
> hi people,
> I took the liberty of putting togheter a small Nautilus website at
> If anyone have any links or documentation they want to host there let me
> know and I put it up.
> I have uploaded my themeing tutorial there in both abiword and html
> format (sorry to those who got annoyed by me attaching it to my previous
> mail.)
> The tutorial is updated with the suggestion from David Bordoley, if
> anyone else has corrections to the tutorial please let me know.
> Christian

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