Re: Accelerator for New Window

Alex Larsson wrote:

> > True... there's a subtle distinction between Edit->Find and
> > Edit->Search.  'Find' looks in-place in the open document, as you say,
> > and 'Search' potentially looks in other documents/locations.
> >
> > The HIG recommends Ctrl-F for both of them though :)
> How are we supposed to handle collisions then?

Good question, I guess we need to think about that.  At the time we
couldn't really imagine a situation where you would have (or want, to
avoid confusion) both a Find function and a Search function available at
the same time.  But I guess there might be situations where you can't
avoid that.

One possible solution might be to recommend Ctrl+Shift+F for 'Search'
(since it's sort of an 'extended find') in apps where both functions are
available at the same time, but just Ctrl+F for either 'Search' or
'Find' in apps where only one or the other is available.  

(Actually I'd be quite happy to do away with the distinction altogether
if we could, I'm not convinced most users are aware of it.)


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