Re: New toolbar button ordering

Alex Larsson wrote:

> I'm still waiting for the HIG people to decide. I won't accept a change
> unless the HIG changes too.

I've pinged the other HIG guys for a response on this, haven't got one
yet, though...  

My personal opinion is that since Nautilus has already been changed to
match the HIG, we should stick to our guns and persuade Galeon to follow
suit... I'm sure mpt will be doing his best to persuade Mozilla to do
the same in the future, since it was he who suggested the change in the
first place :)

Equally, though, I don't want to get too anal over the position of one
button on what should ultimately become a customisable toolbar anyway,
so if it's really such a big deal to people I'll change the HIG to
follow suit, albeit a little grudgingly...


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