Re: Icon width

On Saturday, May 4, 2002, at 05:50  PM, Michael Petnuch wrote:

I post something similar to this before but perhaps its was mis-phrased.
In nautilus 1.0.x  there was a maximum length that filename could have
or it was wrapped.  Now nautilus seems to never wrap the lines.  This is
annoying as it the images to look misaligned.  Here is an example of
what I am talking about:

In nautilus1.0.x every thing was aligned in a more grid like fashion.
Perhaps we could revert to the please :-)

Yes, that would be great. A number of small features like this got lost in the nautilus 1 to nautilus 2 translation. Now we just have to find a hacker who's willing to look into this.

    -- Darin

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