Re: Found cause of 46582, what to do?

On Saturday, May 4, 2002, at 02:32  PM, David Emory Watson wrote:

On Sat, 2002-05-04 at 15:08, Darin Adler wrote:

On Saturday, May 4, 2002, at 11:59 AM, David Emory Watson wrote:

files with a URL using %20 characters or by double-clicking on them.

The user should *definitely* not have to type in an escaped string.

There are *many* filenames that you can only type in as escaped strings. Any filenames with control characters in them in the %01 to %1F range, and filenames with characters in the %80 or higher range that are not part of valid UTF-8 sequences. We don't support the kinds of escaping syntax that is used in the shell for such file names -- instead we fall back on URL syntax.

Well, that sucks. :)

Again, it's a tradeoff. If we wanted to reserve characters like \ (and maybe ' and ") the way the shell does, then we would be able to type special characters with shell escape sequences, but we would not be able to handle simple filenames with those characters in them.

The tradeoff is simply which of these two features is more important:

     1) Making filenames with trailing spaces fall into the category where you can type the filename without having to fall back on URL syntax.

While this is an unrelated bug, you currently cannot type "file%20name"
to goto "file name".

That's not a bug, it's an intentional aspect of the design. To use URL syntax you have to use an entire URL. If you just type a filename, then "%20" means "%20", not a space character.

     2) Repairing the common mistake of copying an extra space when copying a filename from another window, say a terminal, for the vast majority of files that don't have trailing spaces in their names.

The attached patch preserves both features and makes auto-completion a
little nicer.  Comments in the code explain it all...

I think the patches are nice. We also must bump eel's version since you are adding API, and bump nautilus's required eel version.

    -- Darin

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