Re: just a short question : Nautilus : Desktop : Properites

On 1 May 2002, Dave Bordoley wrote:

> Question 2:
> Another idea that i like is to make all the special folders sub folders
> of start-here and make start-here a virtual sub folder of the users
> desktop ($home for me). I'm not sure what others think...

Start here is meant to be small and static. Not contain every strange 
folder we can make up. That would make it hard to navigate, which is 
contrary to the reason for it. 

> Another option would be to make a location sidebar with a column of
> icons for each special location sort of like in macos column view.

I don't see why this would need a separate sidebad view?
I've wanted to add multiple roots to the tree sidebar a long time. But 
this won't get done before gnome 2.0 is released.

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