just a short question : Nautilus : Desktop : Properites

	well i just wonderd why i can'T chage command and the other options i
get when i change the porpertyes of a item( starter ) in the pannel. if
i right click on a icon(nautilus) on my desktop and i want to change
it's exec-command, i have to drag it into the pannel, change it and drag
it back on the desktop ....
	kinda suckee i think ...

maybe i just do s.th. wrong ... but if this is real. someone should
please fix this ;)

btw : is there a way, to show all gnome-vfs in nautilus ?
like int treeview, you have:




? could that be possible ?

well i know it would be somehow Windows like but it would be very
comforable i think. and would make it easyer for newbees.


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