Re: [Nautilus-list] re: Desktop folder

Well, to add yet another comment on this thread, I've been meaning to
write a gnome-vfs module to make desktop:// into a vFolder-like
structure such that, like and do now,
only broader in scope, such that any number of gnome-vfs URI's (rather
than just local files as it is now) can be merged together. The only
important thing would be figuring out where to "write" new files (
.gnome-desktop, or Desktop, or ~/ anyone?) this would take the burden
off of Nautilus wrt to special things on the desktop, it would just use
desktop:/// and the user, the administrator and the distributor could
select/configure what actually shows up there.

Unfortunately, Real Life has been keeping me away from my coding lately,
and I haven't had time to even look into it closely, let alone BEGIN
writing it...


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