[Nautilus-list] eel & nautilus preferences

Hi Darin,

	I've just committed the uncontroversial(ish) part of the changes, I've
tested the majority of the settings and it all seems to still work
nicely, doubtless there is some lurking enumeration that is still
handled as an int or something, but none I could see.

	We switch to use the eel_preferences_..._enum stuff for most of our
settings, that makes me a little uncomfortable since things such as the
font are an enum now ;-) which seems somewhat strange, however that
appears to be how it was before so ... also the enum code is somewhat
less efficient, then again we use the _auto_enum form in most places so
that's hardly a big problem.

	I havn't removed any of the eel 'default/fallback' code paths, although
we should really do that after checking that all the defaults are
available in nautilus.schema, we also install the schema in the normal
way now.



 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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