Another one bits the dust...

Before the bad news I just want to shout out a big congrats on the
release of gnome2. I know you've all pushed hard to get nautilus
improved for this release and the plans for future development look

The bad news is that Antefacto here is closing down. We ceased trading
today after failing to secure our second round of funding. It's a pity
as we developed a cool product, unfortunately the market is so crap that
investors just weren't prepared to take the chance. So I'll be signing
off the list. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for
your advice and feedback and general good work on Nautilus. 

If anyone needs to contact me (hopefully with some job offers :-) they
can do so on glengray eircom net

Glen Gray             Software Engineer
a n t e f a c t o     t: +353 1 8586006     f: +353 1 8586014
181 Parnell Street - Dublin 1 - Ireland

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