Re: User/administrative testing: $DESKTOP

On 07Jun2002 05:46PM (+1000), Jeff Waugh wrote:
>   - public_html: We actually called this "Public" for usability reasons, but
>     everyone else knows it as pulic_html. Stuff here would appear via webdav
>     and html indexes on the intranet. Really handy for lots of users sharing
>     things, and seeing them in Nautilus. [3]

This doesn't sound like a usability improvement, since it makes it
less obvious that files in this directory will be published on the
web. On most systems, Public just means public to other users on the
system, who can get at your home directory. I don't think the name
"public_html" is so great, but "Public" is not very good either.

 - Maciej

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