Installing Nautilus on Gnome

  I'm currently running Redhat 7.1. I'm using gmc with gnome and am
trying to remove gmc and run nautilus instead. When I install the
nautilus (version 1.0.4-43) rpm all seems to go fine, but then when I
try to run it (while in gnome) the bottom panel disapears and non of the
desktop icons have text with them, nor does the file manager have any
text in it. I get the following error messages in the console:

When the program is first started I get the following message:
Message: Successfully registered

Eel-CRITICAL **: file eel-glyph.c: line 176 (eel_glyph_get_dimensions):
assertion 'glyph_is_valid (glyph)' failed.

- This second error message happens repeatedly for line 176 and line 319
and a bunch of other lines. It also happens for the file

Please note that all aspects of the program appear to work fine, except
for the missing text and missing panel.
Also, when I uninstall gmc I can no longer log into gnome. After I enter
my id and password it just goes to a grey screen and sits there. Any
help will be much appreciated,


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