Nautilus+AFS homedir = strange (minor) bug

   * Software: RH7.3, Kerberos-1.2.4, OpenAFS-1.2.5. All RH updates 

   * Point of note: /etc/orbitrc added with "ORBIIOPIPv4=1" for ORBit 
networking support.


   I'm deploying a large number of Redhat-7.3 workstations which
authenticate with kerberos 5 and have homedirectories served by AFS. I'm
seeing a strange bug whereby after Nautilus startup if one clicks on any
of the "user's Home", "Start Here", or "Trash" icons they disappear from
the desktop not to return until Nautilus is restarted. One can still
rightclick on the desktop for a context sensitive menu in order to open a
new Nautilus window, and Nautilus is still running in the process table,
so the file manager hasn't died. Strangely, I note that this problem
doesn't surface if one uses a local home directory, it appears only across
remote AFS volumes. I've also seen this with NFS home directories, so it
appears to be general to homedirs served across the network. I've searched
nautilus-list and google but haven't seen references to this. Has anyone
else seen this and is there a known workaround?


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