nautilus-application.c (is_kdesktop_present):

Hi guys,

	Pouring over my nautilus startup strace on Solaris - I was amazed to
see so many X round-trips traffic, so early on in the process.
After poking at the code I discovered the above method, on Solaris (
running dtwm [ I know :-] ), having inserted an access sys-call before
and after I get the following timings:

5.9032 access ("pre-scan", 0) ...
... lots and lots of X traffic ...
6.9087 access ("post-scan", 0) ...

	ie. a full second of work [out of ~8 seconds to start nautilus], and
all of this simply to turn off desktop rending, if we're run under KDE
without someone setting the (existing) configure option to off.

	I imagine a similar amount of wastage can happen under Linux - is there
any chance we can disable this feature in the standard build, or do it
more intelligently ? why do we have to recurse over every X window
registered with the server in order to detect KDE ? - it's not that
furtive surely :-)



 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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