Patch for 85673 - [ui-review] Preferences dialog issues

I've added another patch to:

Some issues:

 o I removed the help text on the 'Appearance' page as suggested,
   though I'm not certain that is a good idea. When removing themes
   it is pretty useful.

 o I couldn't figure out how to remove the help text on the 'Icon
   Captions' page without leaving blank space instead, so I haven't
   done that.

 o The 'Side Panes' page looks very empty now.

 o I #ifdef'ed out the 'Navigation' page as suggested, and changed
   all uses of these preferences so that the home page is always
   the users $HOME, and that the system bookmarks are never shown.
   (I used #ifdef WEB_NAVIGATION_ENABLED around all this stuff)


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