[Nautilus-list] Constructive Criticism Revisted

>Unfortunately, though, this particular one is  :)  I appreciate that
>it's part of your argument that Nautilus shouldn't try to be a web
>browser as well, but as long as it tries to be, it probably needs some
>web-browser like controls.

Nautilus should drop all web browser ambitions. It's outside the scope
of what a file browser should do. If you want or need html rendering,
great, have nautilus open it in galeon or mozilla. Nautilus' html
rendering should not go beyond gtkhtml. If a user opens a html file into
nautilus, it should view it in two ways: text, and rendered with
gtkhtml. That should be the limit.

>Well, I suspect clicking it used to take you to Eazel's website, so it
>did do *something*  :)  But I agree that feedback-wise, it doesn't
>really do anything that good mouse pointer feedback and/or a progress
>bar in the status bar couldn't do at least equally usefully.

Yeah, the throbber/spinner needs to be taken out without a doubt.

>They may pick it up in this case, but then how are they to know when
>they try another application which toolbar buttons they're allowed to
>drop things onto and which ones they aren't?  Are the ones that they
>can't drop onto just "broken"?  It's more likely they'll just give up
>trying because it's so unpredictable, which is bad... a good UI
>encourages exploration.  Hence my suggestion that making toolbar
>buttons that are drop targets look slightly different from regular ones
>would probably be a good idea, if that was a concept we felt we wanted
>to embrace.

Yes, the "Places" icons would need to look unique. However, they are
"Places" icons so it makes sense that you could drop and take something
to it. Other buttons don't have the same physical analogy. Maybe that's
a poor argument though cause most users may not make that distinction
but I think most would. However, it shouldn't be too complicated to make
the "Places" icons stick out as being "special" buttons. Another thing
that shouldn't need to be mentioned but I will concerns the number of
"Places" icons. If you don't have that place, the icon will not show up.
Therefore, if you don't have a zip drive, the icon will not be present. 

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