Re: [Nautilus-list] A fix for non-ASCII characters (and hello)

fre 2002-01-18 klockan 22.44 skrev Owen Taylor:
> What I said at:
> I'm pretty firm in my opinion that putting locale dependent
> filenames on the hard drive is wrong. But since I know
> that some people will disagree, or will need to use
> locale dependent filenames, that is the reason for

I'd hardly call the behavior "wrong". The technology may have been wrong
in that most applications didn't save file names as Unicode or treated
them as Unicode but used other encodings, but I'd hardly call grandma
saving her recipe document with a correctly spelled file name for

I think one should be careful and distinguish between technology
limitations or more or less elegant software hacks, and user behavior.
The act of a user spelling something correctly (whatever the underlying
implementation is) when it's possible should not be considered a bug.
The implementation, on the other hand, may very well be considered a
hack, and if it later breaks something else like in this case, a bug.


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