Re: [Nautilus-list] bin_window vs. window coords.

On 2/22/02 11:21 AM, "Alex Larsson" <alexl redhat com> wrote:

> Hmm? Why do you want them to be unnaffected by scrolling? I guess this is
> the part i don't understand.

The reason I thought we didn't want coordinates to be affected by scrolling
is the fact that autoscrolling can occur during a drag, and it was somehow
important that not disturb saved pointer coordinates. But now that I try to
think it through it doesn't make sense.

I think the changes I just committed have fixed the problems in this area,
but they may do it in an over-complex heavy handed way. Feel free to make
any further fixes that you like. We can also remove the functions in eel I
created to help with this if we find that we can simplify things and they
are unnecessary.

A separate, almost unrelated, issue is that the I believe the gtk drag
machinery gives coordinates relative to widget->window in messages like
"drag_data_received". So there, at least, we would have to do some
coordinate transformation if we are doing things in the bin_window
coordinate system.

    -- Darin

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