Re: [Nautilus-list] [PATCH] fix scripts menu for new windows

On 2/19/02 2:53 AM, "David Emory Watson" <dwatson cs ucr edu> wrote:

> We used to rely on callbacks to incrementally build the scripts menu,
> but this was broken because new windows did not receive the same
> "files_added" callback that the initial window did.  To fix this we
> build the menus all at once.

This sounds wrong to me. New windows should receive a callback with all the
existing files from the nautilus_directory_file_monitor_add call itself, so
I can't see what the problem was in the old code.

I also don't really understand what "building the menus all at once" means,
because at any given time, there may still be additional I/O to do to
discover the rest of the files in the scripts menu.

Please don't commit this until you explain this to me more. What was wrong?
How did you fix it?

    -- Darin

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