Re: [Nautilus-list] patch to remove deprecated calls

On 2/12/02 10:12 PM, "jacob berkman" <jacob ximian com> wrote:

> this patch removes deprecated glib/gdk/gtk calls from nautilus/src/.

> +    property_browser->details->image_path = g_strdup

This will cause an immediate problem for me and other users of
eazel-hacking. If you need to do a temporary hack, you should at least use
PREFIX or DATADIR or whatever. My preference would be to not set
GNOME_DISABLE_DEPRECATED until this is resolved.

Also, I would have chosen put all the marshallers into libnautilus-private,
rather than having the makefile complexity for marshallers in src and

> when i click on the +/- in i get:
>   nautilus (pid:2784): ** WARNING **: failed to override signal
>   fm_directory_view->bump_zoom_level
> although i didn't see it after a 3 minute look into it.  darin, if you
> have an idea let me know otherwise i'll look into it more.

That just sounds like Anders new implementation of the list view doesn't
override bump_zoom_level, and it must.

Looks fine to commit.

    -- Darin

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