Re: is list view in 2.1.4 broken?

Alexander Larsson wrote:
On Fri, 20 Dec 2002, Jens Ansorg wrote:


I finally managed to install the Gnome 2.1.4 Beta

Nautilus is having trouble diaplaying the icons in the list view.
For images I still get the thumbnail at the correct zoom factor but all other files just all have the same ugly gray "unknown document" (?) icon which always gets displayed at the size of 100% size, even if I zoom in or out in list view.

Is this because of "work in progress" or is something wrong with my setup?

But it works in the icon view? Thats strange.

Oh, sorry. Forgot about that (I'm not in front of this computer right ow):

The icon size is wrong in the icon view too - but I hardly ever use icon view. But in icon view atleast the text is in the correct size whereas in list view the text is too big (at 25 about the size it should be at 100%).

Maybe I should provide screenshots for better understanding?


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