what about rsvg_pixbuf_from_document()?

Hi, I'm not subscribed in this mailing.
I've seen README and understood this list is open to anonymous, right?

well, rsvg.h does provide rsvg_pixbuf_from_file() and the brothers now.
what about _from_document()? I mean, I want to use gnome-vfs as source of rsvg pixbuf, not file even if temporary.
I have a plan to make a browser engine, and it'll be slow to access to just make rsvg pixbuf.
if I could make rsvg pixbuf from document which read by gnome-vfs and free the memory, it'll be good, I think.

moreover, what about _from_chunk()?
at this moment libxml2 support chunk system in SAX parser.
is that impossible or hard to implement chunk system for svg file?
sorry if this is idiot asking. I'm not good at svg tech.

I hope mailing list allow me to post and let me reply. :)
thanks for your work.

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