Re: [PATCH] Partial implementation of zooming for the list view

On 29 Apr 2002, David Emory Watson wrote:

> Known issues: 
> 1) GtkCellRenderer does not automagically update itself when properties
> are set.  Thus a refresh is required to see the results of changing the
> zoom level.  Unless someone here knows why, I will contact the gtk list.
> 2) The patch does not currently zoom in on the icon.  Limitations of
> GtkCellPixmapRenderer will make this a pain to do perfectly. 
> 3) The font sizes and row heights are not tuned yet.  I basically just
> made up some numbers for this... 

default_zoom_level_changed_callback and 
set_zoom_level_from_metadata_and_preferences seem to do the same thing. 
Maybe you should just call the later in the callback.

Otherwise the code looks good. I didn't try the patch, but when you fix 
the issues it seems great to add.

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