Re: Let's remove the Nautilus News sidepanel

I think ditching the sidepanel all together isn't really a good idea,
but it does need some work. Actually i've seen some screenshot that dave
camp did of a potential new ui for the sidebar similar to the sidebar
used in most other programs like galeon. Sidebar for history and maybe
bookmarks is still a good thing. I wouldn't mind seing the list and tree
view merged though into an osX style tree sometime in the future. 


On Sun, 2002-04-28 at 16:36, Alex Larsson wrote:
> On 28 Apr 2002, Michele Campeotto wrote:
> > Il dom, 2002-04-28 alle 01:23, Murray Cumming ha scritto:
> > > process. And it stands in the way of our removing the side panel
> > > completely one day, but that's another issue.
> > 
> >   Really? Didn't know of this plan...
> Everyone has his own plans. Murray has his.

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