[Nautilus-list] Odd numbered font sizes in nautilus

Version = Nautilus + eel from Ximan snapshots (22/04/02)
Platform = RH7.2 + Ximan snapshot gnome2

On my desktop my preferred font size is 11 (points?). However this is
impossible to set in Nautilus under the preferences dialog as only even
numbers are allowed by the UI (there is quite a difference in usability
between 10 and 12). So I tried setting the font size directly using
gconf-editor but when I set the font size to any odd number in
gconf-editor all I get is really small fonts in Nautilus. I'm using
Microsoft Truetype fonts; Tahoma.

Anyone else see this behavior, or should I file a bug?

Keep up the great work Nautilus2 rocks!

Stefan Vassall

Email:	s vassall virgin net
Mobile:	+44 (0) 7944 097756

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