Re: [Nautilus-list] [PATCH] handling icon for mime types

On 21 Apr 2002, Diego González wrote:

> ok, i used the gnome2 capplet. This capplet writes in the users mime
> database the whole path of the icon (/home/diego/image.png). When
> nautilus reaches the function make_full_icon_path. the parameters passed
> to it when for the mime type that you just changed are: 
> 	path: the whole path to the image plus the icon without the 	extension
> (/home/diego/image for example)
> 	suffix: .svg, because this is the first string in
> 	icon_file_name_suffixes
> so, in the first check:
> 	if (path[0] == '/')
> 		return partial_path;
> 	we return a string, and the caller: get_themed_icon_file_path function,
> considers that the file /home/diego/image.svg exists and is the right
> one to use, but it doesn't exist, the right image to use whole be
> /home/diego/image.png.
> with the check: 
> if (path[0] == '/' && g_file_test (partial_path, G_FILE_TEST_EXISTS)
> 	return partial_path;
> we return *only* when the file with the right extension exists.

Ok. Stupid icon factory should not be stripping the extension off full 
pathnames. But I guess that this is a good enough workaround. I'd like to 
rewrite the icon factory when i have finished the proposal for the new 
common icon theme standard.

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