Re: [Nautilus-list] Schemas file update:

On 19 Apr 2002, Luis Gutierrez wrote:

> Ok,here is the modified file.

I started merging some these changes. There were some collisions with 
jonathans changes and some errors that i fixed.

There are also some of the keys in that are not in /apps/nautilus. These 
should not really be in the nautilus schemas file. 
For instance:
#define NAUTILUS_PREFERENCES_HTTP_USE_PROXY                	"/system/gnome_vfs/use_http_proxy"
#define NAUTILUS_PREFERENCES_HTTP_PROXY_HOST                 	"/system/gnome_vfs/http_proxy_host"
#define NAUTILUS_PREFERENCES_HTTP_PROXY_PORT                	"/system/gnome_vfs/http_proxy_port"

These should probably be in gnome-vfs or something. 
Is gnome-vfs setting these at all? And the /system part looks strange, is 
that a proper namespace for GConf keys?

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