[Nautilus-list] launcher creation for nautilus1


Here are two pacthes I want to submit. They add 'New Launcher' menu item as for Nautilus2. One is adding a gnome-desktop-item-edit like utility (nautilus-desktop-entry-edit) in the src dir, and then use it to create launchers (as in Diego patch). The other do the same thing but without external utility (This last crash X when adding a launcher with an icon, and as I can't dig it, perhaps someone will be interrested). I don't expect them to be comitted because of the 'only fix bug' state of nautilus, but I tought that some guys could want the feature as a patch (I find it very usefull, almost necessary).

Patches are available at
http://www.rcsnet.net/nautilus/nautilus-1.0.7-create-launcher-2.1.patch w/ utility
http://www.rcsnet.net/nautilus/nautilus-1.0.7-create-launcher-3.patch w/o utility, not fully finished


                  Remi Cohen-Scali                       /\\
<Remi Cohen-Scali com>          <rcoscali rcsnet net>    _\_v

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