Re: optimizing NOP emissions (Re: [Nautilus-list] nautilus & signals)

Hi Alex,

On Fri, 2002-04-12 at 16:03, Alex Larsson wrote:
> Yes. This looks much more sane.

	Good heh :-)

> * draw_with_pixmaps is gtk+ AA rendering, at last we have a top-of-profile 
>   function that actually does a lot of work! Yay! :)

	Great - is there no way we can reduce that work ?

> * byte_re_search_2 is our stupid gnome-vfs mime suffix sniffer that does a 
>   regexp match per possible suffix instead of combining the suffixes into 
>   one regexp.

	Oh; that sucks ;-)

> What is Bonobo_ActivationProperty_copy?

	This is slow because now we have the bonobo-activation cache we don't
see the fact that it is being somewhat hammered, also we don't see that
we copy each string umpteen times (due to translation) and store them
all in core.

	The solution to the copying is to make bonobo-activation aware of the
locales of it's clients, and save scads of core memory both at the
server and the client cache, and speed copying the data by only having
useful locales there and not all locales.

> Did you do this run with _MALLOC_CHECK set? I don't know what free_check 
> and malloc_check is?

	Yes - that's _MALLOC_CHECK, I always use it.



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