[Nautilus-list] Re: nautilus, panel menus and vfolders

I think we need a new mailing list for UI/HCI/Ergonomics (unless one
exists and I just haven't noticed).

I don't subscribe to this group but I lurk on it's web archive every
day, and there are countless really good posts about UI issues. I
suspect that even when there are no replies, many of these posts are
read with a certain degree of interest. The trouble is that this group
is ultimately to do with nautilus coding, and there probably is
(although I'm not saying that there is) a basic attitude of, "Well,
submit some code, and we'll consider it ..." Fair enough.

The trouble is that some of us must be like me: a web developer who can
program in scripting languages like PHP and JavaScript but who couldn't
make a decent contribution to something like nautilus in a million
years. Nevertheless, we often have to think an awful lot about UI
issues, and may even occasionally have some pretty good ideas.

Again, I have to say that if this forum already exists, then please
excuse me. But, if it doesn't, then what we need is somewhere to talk
about UI innovations for GNOME 3.0 or 4.0 even. Somewhere where people
like me could perhaps come up with Web/JavaScript/PHP demos or
prototypes of the kinds of things we were thinking of and proper
programmers could come along and do something realistic afterwards ...

So, for instance, the post I am replying to whilst raising questions
specific to Nautilus also raises questions about the GNOME UI in
general. This post asks us to think about some interesting issues:


And this by me (shamelesss plus) also tries to raise long term questions
about UI innovation:


So how about a UI/HCI/ERgonomics forum that is cut free of any
particular app?

Best, Darren

D. D. Brierton            darren dzr-web com           www.dzr-web.com
        Trying is the first step before failure (Homer Simpson)

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