Re: [Nautilus-list] Tiny patch

On Monday, April 8, 2002, at 08:12 AM, Glen Gray wrote:

Here is a small patch to

1) Change the hackish reporting of RAM size in Hardware View to a
different hackish  formula that reports the RAM size more accurately
with more RAM sizes than whats there. But it's still not correct.

+	ram_size = (strtoul (temp_str, NULL, 10) + 1024) / 1000;

I'm sorry, the above calculation makes no sense to me. Add 1024 and then divide by 1000? How could this possibly be more accurate? The old code rounded to the nearest 1000. This code is close to "round up to the nearest 1000" (that would be +999 /1000). Maybe that's what you're looking to do? I know there's been a long thread about this, but I'd like to understand it better.

On the other hand, since the hardware view is a bit of a hidden, marginal feature, I don't think we have to be super-careful about it, so I wouldn't be too upset if you committed this. But I'm certain that adding 1024 and then dividing by 1000 does not make sense.

2)Display an icon in the sidebar when in the hardware view as opposed to
the blank icon that's there currently. Attached is the icon too.

Looks great.

    -- Darin

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