[Nautilus-list] Brainstorming

  I'm this isn't the moment to think about things like these, when we
don't even have a stable release, but I'd like you to consider the
issues pointed out here for some future release (GNOME 2.2, 2.4 or even
3.0). I see some of the proposed features implemented as Nautilus views
or vFolders.
  The consideration about the control on the HW obviously doesn't apply
in our case... :o)

  The article:

  Also I remember discussion from some time ago (probably right after
the 1.0 release) about a "Shelf". Since I liked the idea a lot, I'd like
to know if there is still somebody looking forward to implementing it
(again, I'm just brainstorming here, so all this is delayed to 2.2 or

  From the article: "The move to a true advance in user interface is
long overdue and, with Microsoft’s success with the thumb mouse, we just
might soon be seeing the software-only company leading the way."

  Let GNOME be the advance Tog is asking for! :o)

  Cheers GNOMErs

  P.S: For those with some more spare time, there is also a reply to the
article (not really worth reading, IMHO):

  -- Michele - www.micampe.it

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