Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus-Mozilla proposal

I wasn't infering that nautilus should be pluggable like the ms
management console. No i don't think nautilus should be a word processor
or anything stupid like that. My point was that nautilus is more than
just the icon, list and tree views. It's a wonderful image viewer
courtesy of eog, a really good postscript view courtesy of ggv, and
could in my opinion be a killer web browser. Especially considering how
nautilus views allow content to be viewed inline, as opposed to loading
external programs as you have to in galeon(think pdf's). There is so
much cool stuff that could be done with nautilus.


On Sun, 2002-04-07 at 21:45, Michael Rothwell wrote:
> > Sounds like a nightmare world. Full of worthless "generic" software that 
> > does everything, and therefore nothing, in an overly complicated way.
> Sounds like the Microsoft Management Console, where the "snap-ins" are
> actually entire applications.
> I'd prefer to see some standardization of the UIs of various gnome apps
> obtained in better ways. Having said that, using galeon inside nautilus
> -- if it's decided that a web browser/file manager is really worthwhile
> -- would be better than using the current nautilus mozilla view. Really,
> I think that Nautilus needs to focus on being a good file manager, not a
> good browser. Plugins that can add to the context menus, and set emblems
> on files, for instance (see TortoiseCVS on Windows).
> -M
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