[Nautilus-list] File type problems

The GNOME 2 Nautilus is looking great, but there is one major problem
I'm having with it, and am not really sure its a Nautilus problem or
something with control center or whatever.  

The problem is one that I also had with GNOME 1.4:  It almost impossible
to get Nautilus to accept changes made to the file type properties
capplet.  It behaves totally at random.  It puts random things in the
Open With menu, and the items listed in the file type capplet are not
consistent at all.  In other words, I've given up trying to associate
mpeg files with Xine or mplayer or anything.  The icon also seems to
change at random.  Sometimes nothing happens at all, and other times
some sort of throbber window comes up when an item is clicked.

Obviously, this is really annoying. I looked through the list and didn't
see discussion on this, so I thought I'd point it out, even though there
are probably already bugs about this.  (Of course, if its just something
dumb on my system, please point it out.)  Are there bugs filed about all
these things?


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