Re: [Nautilus-list] Redhat merge status

on 9/26/01 10:02 AM, Alex Larsson at alexl redhat com wrote:

> * Allow the mozilla component to open dialogs. Needed for for submission
> to work. I am unsure if this works with the mainline version of mozilla
> and if so, what version. This needs some testing, i'll send it in a
> seprarate mail.

I'd like to have this on HEAD. But you're already working on that.

> * We disable automatic appends of thrash emblems because of performance
> problems with it.

For 1.0.5, I think we should either do this or fix the performance problem.

> * We disable the unreadable emblem, because it shows up all over the
> place, like on smb shares and in start-here:. Our thoughts is that it
> should be changed to only show if the read permission of the file is
> different from the directory it is in.

I think that's the right design. Maybe we can implement that design for
1.0.5. Shouldn't be too tricky.

> * We have a gross linux specific hack to not store thumbnail images on NFS
> filesystems. I think this is sort of busted...

We need something like this in the main code, don't you think? I don't
really have a feel for it -- I don't use systems with NFS myself.

> * We have a gross hack to make NautilusMonitor to work with favorites:
> (Essentially strcmp + replace with hardcoded filename path)

I'd like to see this gross hack in HEAD Nautilus until we move monitoring
into gnome-vfs (the "non-gross" fix).

> * Some background performance/flash hacks that depens on hacks in our
> gnome-libs packages

What's the chance of getting this into HEAD?

> * Remove the warning about running Nautilus as root.

I could see this on HEAD.

> * Remove the "Nautilus is searching your disks for trash folders" dialog

I think this is right for HEAD too. I was under the impression that the
changes to gnome-vfs meant there really was no "searching" going on any

    -- Darin

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