Re: [Nautilus-list] symbolic links and how are they managed

on 9/22/01 1:42 PM, Manuel Clos at llanero jazzfree com wrote:

> when I click on the symbolic link "MP3" in the desktop I get a windows
> with the location set to "/home/llanero/.gnome-desktop/MP3". But when I
> click on the "MP3" bookmark, I get to "/MP3" that is what I really like
> in both cases. These also means that the configuration applied to
> "/home/llanero/.gnome-desktop/MP3" doesn't show in "/MP3".
> Is there any solution?

There are a couple of solutions.

A workaround for your is to create a Nautilus link (if you are using
Nautilus 1.0.4 or older) or a .desktop file (if you are using the upcoming
Nautilus 1.0.5 or newer) rather than a symbolic link.

Another solution is to add symbolic link handling to Nautilus's navigation
code. There's a bug report about this, bug 48353. Feel free to add comments
there if you have any further thoughts. I have tentatively marked this one
to be fixed for 2.0.

    -- Darin

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