Re: [Nautilus-list] continued redhat merge

On 19Sep2001 06:36PM (-0400), Alex Larsson wrote:
> On Wed, 12 Sep 2001, Alex Larsson wrote:
> > Ok. To continue the merge from the redhat branch i've moved the main part 
> > of the outstanding patches to cvs HEAD and branched it.
> > 
> > To see the full diff, do:
> > cvs diff -n -r REDHAT_MERGE_BRANCHPOINT -r redhat-merge-branch nautilus
> > 
> > There seem to be some sort of problem with top-left text right now. mjs 
> > will take a look at it.
> > 
> > This patch is a lot more raw than the previous... Let the reviewing begin!
> Ok. I did one iteration.
> The only think you mentioned that I didn't address is:
> > I think that nautilus_file_get_name probably should be left with its
> > original, pre-desktop hack meaning, and a new nautilus_file_get_display_name 
> > or something along those lines should be added that returns the name 
> > taking the custom name for display in the icon view into account. I'm 
> > pretty  sure there are bugs where one is gotten and the other is what's 
> > wanted. Perhaps CUSTOM_NAME can be changed to DISPLAY_NAME too, to 
> > reflect this connection?
> I didn't do this part of the code, so i'd rather not touch it.
> Maciej might wanna do it.

I can make that change, although I'd like to note that the gmc link
support changes had already changed nautilus_file_get_name to
sometimes not reaturn the real filename.

I definitely think "display name" is a better name than "custom name".



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