[Nautilus-list] GnomeVFS 1.0.2 Release

GnomeVFS 1.0.2 - Bill and Ted's Excellent Release

Way cool new APIs:

* New gnome_vfs_uri_resolve_relative call (Ian)
* New module callback API (Mike, Maciej)
* Authentication and proxy authentication callbacks (Mike)

Most bodacious new features:

* Start on an SSH module, disabled by default for now (Ian)
* Handle the IceCast/ShoutCast non-standard variant of the HTTP
protocol (Maciej)
* SSL and https support (Ian, Seth, Maciej)
* Extensive API docs (Seth, Sri, Ian, Jonathan, Maciej, Glynn)
* New translation (Abel Cheung)

Heinous bug fixes:

* Move headers for future parallel-install compatibility (Maciej)
* FTP directory loading fixes (Jacob)
* Fix detection of KOffice file mime types (Frederic)
* Ensure all headers are standalone-includable (Darin)
* Assorted code cleanup (Darin, Anders)
* Split type declarations in gnome-vfs-types.h into individual
headers; gnome-vfs-types.h is stull around for compat (Seth, Darin)
* Header fixes (Darin)
* Random crash and leak fixes (Havoc, Anders, Maciej)
* Build fixes (Darin, Maciej, Ian, Robin, Carlos, Ramiro, Jonas) 

Gnarly portability fixes:

* Fix module configuration files and parsing code to work on systems
that don't use .so as the extension for shared libraries (Jacob)
* Add recorsive mutex wrappers for use on systems that don't provide
recursive mutexes natively (Dan)
* Misc portability fixes (Laca, Frank Belew)

You can download this most oustanding release from:

Be Excellent to Each Other and Party On, Dudes!!

Your GnomeVFS Team.

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